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An Ecumentical Community Lecture:
Pastor Martin Niemoller - 
"From U-Boat Commander to Pacifist"

Sunday evening, June 6th, at 7:30 PM, Doylestown Friends Meeting

Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller-von Sell, a noted lectureer in colleges and universities on life in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, will speak about her late husband, Pastor Martin Niemoller, who served with distinction in the Imperial Navy in World War I, after which he decided to become a minister.  He was incarcerated in 1937 by Adolf Hilter, who declared him his personal and private prisoner.  He survived one year in prison and seven years in the concentration camps of Sachsenhausen and Dauchau.

Following his liberation by the US Army in 1945, Pastor Niemoller accepted the post of President of the church of Hessand and Nassau and was entrusted with the conduct of foreign relations on behalf of the German Protestants.  In this capacity he lectured widely all over the world, including the United States.  In 1961 he was elected President of the World Council of Churches, established in Amsterdam in 1948.  A close friend of Albert Schweitzer, the pastor eventually turned to pacifism.

Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller-von Sell, born into an old Prussian aristocratic family which was uncompromisingly anti-Nazi even before Hitler came to power, has a fascinating story of her own to tell.  It includes her work with the American Friends Service Committee in New York, the city to which she had come as an immigrant after World War II.  In 1968 she was reunited - after 31 years - with her childhood idol and close friend of her family, Pastor Niemoller, in New York.  Both having lost their spouses, they were married in 1971 in Weisbaden, where they lived until the pastor's death in 1984.

In the spring of 1998, Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller-von Sell returned to the United States as a permanent resident, having purchased a house in Doylestown to be near her only son, a physician with Abington Medical Specialists.  The account of her conversion to Judaism appears in the anthology Not By Birth Alone by Rabbis Homolka and Jacob, and Esther Seidel (Cassell - London & Washington 1997).  She is a member of Temple Judea of Bucks County.

The public is invited to this very special evening with Sibylle Sarah Niemoeller-von Sell, at Doylestown Friends Meeting, 95 East Oakland Street in Doylestown.  Call 215-345-1714.

Newtown Meeting Holding Silent Vigils for Peace

Newton Meeting is holding silent vigils for peace every Sunday evening at 5:00. The vigils last for twenty minutes and are concurrent with similar vigils conducted by Friends and other communities of faith. Friends, Attenders, and guests are welcome to join in person or in spirit.
Wrightstown Meeting Suspends Used Clothing Collection
Our cup (and warehouse) runneth over. The Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Wrightstown Monthly Meeting  has temporarily suspended its clothing drive for Balkan refugees.  The drive is in support of an ongoing effort by the American Friends Service Committee and will resume when AFSC is able to process additional contributions.

A receptacle located in the lobby of the Newtonw Athletic Club was repeatedly buried with  high-quality clothing as club members and neighbors opened their hearts, closets, and dresser drawers. The Peace and Social Concerns Committee thanks Newtown Athletic Club members, staff, and management for their enthusiastic support of this ministry.

Some of the clothing may well have been among the bundles delivered to Fort Dix on May 6.  Check out the AFSC web site for a picture.

Pendle Hill Monday Night Lecture Schedule

Lectures begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Barn Meeting Room. 338
Plush Mill Rd, Wallingford, PA
The public is invited at no charge.



What Canst Thou Say?

What have unprogrammed Friends found, thus far on the journey? A Monday Evening Lecture Series Friends whose worship grows from expectant waiting often speak and write about seeking. Sometimes people ask us, "But what have you found?" In this series nine Quakers will talk about what they have found thus far in their lives, focusing on spiritual life, values, vocation, witness and Quaker meeting community. Reflections will also be offered on what Friends in general-or Friends in a variety of settings-have discovered.

April 5 - The Deeper "Yes!" Burning Inside: Rediscovering Authority

Growing up in the 1960's in the unprogrammed Quaker tradition, a generation of young Friends and their parents led the attack on structures of authority that supported privilege, injustice, inequality and war. In Quaker settings today, however, resistance to structure and authority is problematic. Through sharing stories, Tom Farquhar will ask if relearning responsible ways of saying "NO" may renew the capacity of Friends' groups and organizations to say "Yes!" Tom is head of Westtown School and worships at Westtown (PA) Meeting with his partner Mary Grady, daughter Kate and son Drew.

April 12 - Growing Up Quaker and Choosing It, Too

One path in Quakerism is to be raised as a Friend and then embrace a Quaker identity as an adult. Ingrid Lakey grew up attending Central Philadelphia Meeting, co-led the high school First Day School group while at Temple University, and became a member in her early 20's. Two strong influences on her Quaker identity were attending Friends Select School for nine years and having George Lakey as her father. Now 27, she sings with the Tribe 1 ensemble and works for National Public Radio.

April 19 - Blending Analysis and Activism, Quaker-Style

As a participant and later as a "Friendly presence" in the youth programs of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Jon Makler became interested in the relationship between youths and the "institutions" by, in, with and against which they define themselves. He hopes that an interactive evening will help us explore this relationship. Currently a graduate engineering student at MIT, Jon attended Abington Friends School for thirteen years. While studying at Swarthmore College (class of 1998), Jon worked with the YWCA and Deshong Park in Chester to create an educational urban gardening program supported by Americorps and PYM Friends Institute. He attends Cambridge Meeting with his fiancee, Carla Nappi.

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